About Us

The 1990s saw a tremendous rise in the number of technical communication professionals in India. With no formal education in the field of technical communication, the need for a forum to exchange ideas as well as share experience and knowledge was badly felt.

Gurudutt Kamath started a Technical Writing Mailing list that served as an instrument for like minded professionals in spirit of technical communication to form a chapter – STC India. This list and meetings of technical communicators in various cities brought together the few STC members in India. By 1998, active discussions began on the need for establishing an Indian STC Chapter. Soon, Gurudutt Kamath circulated an STC application form that was signed by 17 members and submitted for approval by STC. The first Administrative Council took charge with Gurudutt Kamath as the Chapter President in 1999.

Since then, the India chapter has increased its strength to around 100 registered members and several sustaining member organizations. STC India Chapter plays a key role in educating technical communication professionals in the country through learning sessions that impart information about the skills required to shape their careers.

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