1. An element in DITA using which you can make interactive workflow diagrams
3. A tool using which you can execute requests and get responses for REST API docs
4. Synonym for “Deploy at run time”. Should be avoided by writers in the documentation
5. A freeware two-pane Markdown editor
6. A system for storing and managing information assets, including metadata, versioning, and content
10. Attributes that describe a topic, often used for increasing discoverability and managing content
12. A vector image type with an XML source format
17. Treating documentation like software developers treat code
19. Recognize the tool by its icon:






20. This tool allows you to describe the structure of your APIs so that machines can read them
24. A community of documentarians with meetups and conferences
25. Identify the symbol in Git. (>>>>>>)
26. Name of .exe files that are used for context.lst file generation and you must copy them in C drive by
creating a folder.
30. Identify a grammar/style checker that you can use to check documentation
32. A free and open-source content management system
34. He characterized minimalism


2. A thing that existed before or logically precedes another
7. An element in DITA using which you can refer to an external file that contains literal code. Used in the element
8. A filter file in DITA that you can use for filtering or flagging content
9. A name of the App on Windows where the SVN Icon Overlays entries are defined
11. A Microsoft Windows GUI File Searching utility. Used in Cloud docs to search for a string or expression across multiple files and directories
12. One of the features of information architecture
13. A professional magazine or academic journal related to technical communication
14. Do not use it to describe versions of software or fix packs
15. This is called from the cloud and often delivers information (example: JSON) via HTTP.
16. Synonym for “Decompress” or “Unzip”
18. Font name that web publishers traditionally use for online content
21. Ensuring each list item starts out in a similar way (with a verb, noun, and so on)
22. A free and open-source build automation server. Writers also use it for automating the jobs
23. Words made by shortening and combining two words. We avoid such words in documentation. Example: can’t, don’t, it’s, and so on
27. A process framework that engineers often follow for software development that consists of sprints
28. A markup language used to create web pages; MadCap Flare uses these tags.
29. The best API documentation tool that provides automated API documentation or you can say the OpenAPI documentation software
31. A hub for publishing, forking, and cloning mostly open-source projects on the web
33. An interface that allows two computers, apps, or systems to talk to each other programmatically

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