The theme for this edition of the Indus is Above and Beyond. Personally, I’ve always looked for areas where we could make an impact with the skills we possess. From creating enticing stories masquerading as job descriptions, to answering questions on Quora about the organization I currently work with, to opening the highest number of product insights and ideas on the product we write about, I’ve always been fortunate to work with a team that is game to push the envelope.

We asked writers what it is that they have done beyond creating content. And we have received some nicely written contributions. I’m happy that there are people in our industry who do the unexpected, but are also comfortable sharing their stories as well.

In the first article, Manash in his article about how Excel Saves the Day – talks about how he solved a content problem using basic excel.

Then, we have Akash who talks about Docs as Code and his learning about Git and how learning something on his own bore fruit unexpectedly, and even got him a customer fan! 

And for all the crossword puzzle fans who want to catch up on their vocabulary, Kalpana has a Crossword puzzle for you to solve. 

Priyom Roy, who has just entered the profession as a technical writer, shares her experiences about how she and the team she works with – find ways to make their work count. The article More than Just Help Content makes tenured writers think.

And to all those who haven’t done anything above and beyond what is expected of you, or couldn’t remember, well Mak’s article on Career S curves might be just in time for you! Is it time to start looking for the start of your next S? 🙂


We are always looking for good ideas and content for Indus. If you have some ideas that you could articulate well, then do share them with us. 


Happy Reading!


Nibu Thomas