When the world is witnessing unprecedented times and we are swinging like a pendulum between what has been and what’s coming, it’s quite a responsibility to take my place as the Learning manager of this great non-profit organization – STC India Chapter.

I believe the present moment is our big cultural turning point and an ocean of learning opportunities is awaiting us to unravel. Of course, many mistakes and unlearning would follow the learning path along with the Zoom and Teams lag!

Only once or maybe twice in our lifetime, we encounter a moment that is not about being perfect but just being enthusiastic and open enough to gain from the new experiences, and brave enough to commit mistakes. Our mistakes shape us and when we turn ourselves into keen learners, nothing is going to stop us from making new ones because we grow through what we go through.

It indeed is the little things that shape us and create learning from us. Let’s make learning-one-new-thing-a-day our new habit and let’s help each other learn and grow together.

Happy Learning!

Dr. Anu Singh
STC India Learning Manager
Email: learning@stc-india.org

About the author
Dr. Anu Singh is a creative disrupter with a Ph.D. in English Literature who believes in the enormity of the human mind, its thoughts, feelings, and the social paradigm it creates and coexists in. Her mission is to close the gap between experiential learning through content. Anu has 17 years of progressive experience in various technical and non-technical areas including product documentation, content operations, project management, Content Strategy, and leadership