As the 17th STC India Annual Conference activities gathers momentum, it’s time for the STC INDIA ANNUAL CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION COMPETITION 2015!
As a Technical Writer, you must have done tremendous work! Numerous projects, proposals, write-ups…now, it is time to get recognized for your professional skills. Do you have an idea brewing up in your mind? Have you completed a project where you were applauded for your skill as a Technical Writer? Did you give in your bit to revolutionize the way Technical Writers work in your organization?

NOW is the time to get applauded for it!

This year, we have two different categories for the competition.  The rules of the competition are listed further in this mail. The competition will be judged by an elite panel of experienced Technical Writers.

To participate, send your entries to on or latest by October 30, 2015 with the subject entry- STC INDIA ANNUAL CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION COMPETITION 2015! <Category><Name>


1. Projects
If you have been appreciated for your project, send us a sample of your work removing client-sensitive data. Explain what makes your documentation unique and applaudable.
Word Limit: 500-1500 words; Language: English; Medium: PDF or Web Help
2. Best Practices
Did you follow any best practices in your project that helped you work more efficiently? If yes, explain why and how did you adopt these practices and how did they help?

Word Limit: 500-1500 words; Language: English; Medium: PDF

  • Competition is open to everyone. STC membership is not a requirement.
  • You can participate only as an individual. No group entries are accepted.
  • Last date of submission: October 30, 2015. No extension is possible.
  • The work must be original and the client-sensitive information and your organization’s references must be completely removed.
  • ​​You can participate in any or all of the two categories. However, only one entry per category, per individual will be entertained.
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: whether it allows non-experts to gain insight into the research subject, demonstration and importance of the discussed subject in achieving research goals and clarity, organization and visual design of the presentation.
Winners will be announced on December 01, 2015 and receive their awards at the 17th STC INDIA CHAPTER ANNUAL CONFERENCE to be held in HYATT Regency, Pune on December 1112, 2015.
Hope to see a terrific response!
The awards of the competition are sponsored by Blue Dots
STC India acknowledges Blue Dots for its support!