Hi All,

This is my first communication to all of you as the STC India Chapter President!

Well, the news is the new Admin Council is taking the handover and is starting the work.

The Council is pleased to announce the City Representatives for the year 2016.

Many thanks to Rajdeep, Saravanan, Manisha for continuing as City Reps for 2016. Many thanks to Mugdha for managing the Pune City in 2015 and the STC India 2015 Pune Annual Conference.

All the City Representatives are the torch-bearers of the community and will be playing a key role by organizing events, meetings, webinars, and so on. Congratulation folks! Thank you for coming forward and taking this responsibility. You are truly the community leaders.

Note that STC India’s events are not restricted to members only. They are meant for the entire community. Though members always get preferred rate and membership benefits.

Our motto is work, connect, share, and make a difference.

We will soon announce more volunteer appointments. If you are interested in contributing, please send me a mail. Feel free to contact the City Reps directly or send your comments or suggestions to me (mak@technowrites.com) and I will share them with the council and the volunteers.

STC India Members: Please renew your memberships for 2016 (if you have already not done that) and confirm your status to us. This year the Admin Council has decided to share the minutes of every Admin Council meeting with the chapter members. Expect the Meetings of two previous meetings to be shared within a week.

Mak Pandit
STC India Chapter President