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11 and 12 December 2015
STC India Annual Conference
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune
Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
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Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
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What can Mobile Instruction Learn From Gaming

“Every successful phenomenon, an inspiration …”

Do you remember the first hugely-successful, much talked-about mobile phenomenon? It really understood what mobile users wanted, and was the first mobile game to truly hit the mainstream. The first game that hit one billion mobile downloads.

Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds’ …

One of the most successful games in the mobile history, it took the mobile gaming industry by storm when released in 2009.

Angry Birds 2 was released earlier this year (30th July 2015), and is very important to Rovio's future since its other franchise divisions (such as Plush Toys, and Theme Parks) haven't performed well. With Angry Birds movie releasing in summer of 2016, the company is really hoping to strike big, and mimicking the earlier success.

At such an important time for the company, I want to look back and reflect how a simple game trajectored Rovio, a small gaming company into big league, and what Design and Content Principles can be learnt from the successful game, especially in a time when we are fast moving towards Mobile Instruction.

Tejeshwar Sharma

Tejeshwar is a Senior Technical Writer at Pitney Bowes. Earlier, he worked at Infosys in the Instructional Design stream. He has 8 years of experience in Technical Writing, Technical Editing, Instructional Design, and Content Management. Tejeshwar has a Bachelor in Computer Applications and a PGD in Business Journalism & Corporate Communication from Delhi University.

Day 2, 11:30 to 13:00
Tejeshwar Sharma

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