Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
11 and 12 December 2015
STC India Annual Conference
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune
Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
Not only about DITA. Agile. Rich media.
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
About Your Space. The Joy. The Creativity.
Gamification. Trends.
Being a Change Agent.

Straight Talk

It is so true that when you envision and endeavour to achieve something, the entire cosmos helps you put efforts – even if this means creating incomprehensible, lengthy, and boring technical documents. When we write, we process that information subconsciously. And, later when we read what we wrote, we mentally insert the required words and tones to mentally process the information in the intended way. But, we can only wish our users read us like that.

Sadly, interpretations are subject to the way we present the information as much as they are subject to our user’s experiences, mindset, and logic. Therefore, we must make sure that we get the intended message across correctly. But, doesn’t that mean we focus on resolving our customers’ issues? If yes, we must make sure that they find what they look for and are able to use that knowledge to resolve their issues.

The design elements can help us focus. So, if you too think that information design speaks louder than information, you should be here. This is an interesting workshop. We plan to take things from where we leave the pre-conference day workshop. But, don’t worry if you do not get to attend the pre-conference day workshop. You’d be up to speed in no time.

You should attend this workshop if design is your thing. You should attend this workshop even if you hate to put in efforts to “present” your information. This interactive workshop aims to help design information more effectively. So, if interpretations – as we just discussed – are subject to the way we present the information, then it is time we think again on our information structures.

Suyog Ketkar

Suyog is a man of letters with a significant track record of writing for newspapers and magazines like The Times of India and India Today. He has translated and localized for national and international clients like Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim, prepared ad copies, websites, and other marketing collaterals for clients like Black Merchant and Mailigen. As a technical communicator, he enjoys reading and writing about software products. As a guest speaker, he is passionate about information, design, and interaction.

Day 1, 12:15 to 13:00
Suyog Ketkar

See this video where I am talking about my session