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11 and 12 December 2015
STC India Annual Conference
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Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune
Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
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Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
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Predicting User Questions to Build an Information Repository

William Shakespeare’s dilemma was “to be or not to be”, for technical writers it is “to document everything, or to include only relevant information”. Research has shown that FAQs communicate effectively with the user than book-based arrangement of information. But how can a writer predict the questions a user might ask?

Predictions can be made using a formula X + Y = Question, where X is the question type, and Y is the user interface element. This formula along with re-arrangement of information and implementation of DITA concepts can help in creating an effective information repository.

Session description:

  • Failure of the structural placement of information model
  • Why do users only consume information that answers their queries
  • What are FAQs and how to create FAQs
  • The types of questions a user asks
  • The Crystal Ball for User Queries
  • The Information Matrix: Reloaded
  • The DITA Effect
  • Buy One, Get Many Free

Mayur Bhandarkar

Mayur is a Staff Technical Writer from TIBCO Software India Pvt. Ltd. He has over 9 years of writing experience, which includes Content Writing, Instructional Design, and Technical Writing. He has written for domains like eCommerce, Banking, Anti-virus, Product Lifecycle Management, and Big Data. Mayur has a Masters in Computer Applications from Bangalore University.

Day 2, 14:00 to 14:45
Mayur Bhandarkar

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