Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
11 and 12 December 2015
STC India Annual Conference
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune
Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
Not only about DITA. Agile. Rich media.
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
About Your Space. The Joy. The Creativity.
Gamification. Trends.
Being a Change Agent.

Can you hear the sound of marching footsteps? Can you hear the voices of change?  If it is not loud enough or clear enough, click on the following shot.

STC India 2015

Yes, a Revolution in Technical Communication is around the corner. And India is spear-heading it. 

You are invited to participate in this revolution. Lead, reinvent, share, choose any role that suits you, but don't stand by the wayside. 

The world is looking with a keen interest at what our vibrant community is doing and it is our responsibility to lead from the front. The conference is our opportunity to talk, discuss, brainstorm, share and have fun. We will light our torches and lead the future of technical communication.


STC India Conference 2015

The conference program has shaped up really well. We have exciting sessions on DITA, usability, career paths, ROI, processes, gamification, storytelling, business cases... For a world class conference experience, see the pre-conference workshops and the conference program.


STC India Annual Conference 2015

You will interact with influencers, listen to their insights, gain from their experience, and have lots of fun meeting interesting people. We have speakers with the right mix of experience and skills to make the conference memorable for you. Click the session titles in the conference program and see their details.


STC India Annual Conference 2015

The online registrations have begun. It's a limited number of seats for conference and pre-conference. The last date for online registration is 5th December. Later, you can do spot registration on 11th December at the conference, but you will miss the preconference, and may not get the kit. Hurry up and register yourself today!



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