There have been a lot of queries about the Technowrites Diploma in Technical Communication Course. A number of members and industry professionals were surprised by this giant leap. Questions were being raised to the extent whether STC bylaws allow such an activity. STC India, after conducting detailed discussions with STC Worldwide, would like to clarify some points:

1.  STC Worldwide conducts certificate courses in Technical Communication. These courses are being conducted by noted and experienced professionals. For more information refer to http://www.stc.org/edu/online-certificate-courses.asp. There is a plan for a certification program in 2011, but details are still not available.

2.  STC India has also taken this step at the right time and in the right direction. It was our duty to offer something good to the community that can be considered as a standard. In the absence of University-Certified courses this course offers a good opportunity for the community. This course is a collaboration effort between STC India and Technowrites.

3.  STC India has not “passively certified the Technowrites Diploma Course”, that is, “the certification is not given from outside.” On the contrary, STC India will be actively involved in the course execution.

4.  The earlier course of structure has been significantly modified to make sure that STC India can (a) contribute in the course (b) exercise control on the course execution and (c) guarantee quality of course content and delivery.

5.  Numerous changes have been made and reporting mechanisms established to make sure the students will get worth of their money and quality training will take place. The changes are as significant as changing the very nature and structure of examination conducted by Technowrites to ensure that is fair and all-round evaluation of the student.

6.  Based on all the changes and the actual execution of the course, STC India has accepted to put its logo on the certificate given to the successful students.

7.  STC India and Technowrites reserve the right to deny certificate to students who do not comply with the course guidelines.

8.  The STC India logo on the certificate will thus indicate the quality of training imparted to the students.
I hope this settles all the doubts raised. As mentioned earlier, STC India Admin Council will welcome other institutes to come up with similar proposals of joint-execution of quality courses.
Michelle Cherian
President – STC India Chapter
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